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Madagascar information


For your information, airline companies serving Madagascar are: air Madagascar, Air Mauritius, Air France, Air Seychelles, Air Austral, Corsair Fly, Turkish Airlines, South African Airways, Kenya Airways.

Dodo Travel and Tours organizes transfers deprived on request (airport-hôtel-aéroport) with welcome airport.

The driving is to the left and the licence to drive international is compulsory. We recommend you however to take vehicles with driver.


Passport :
Your passport must be valid at least 6 months after your date of return. The foreigners who go to Madagascar have to arm themselves with a valid passport and with a tourist visa of a maximal duration of 3 months (Visa obtained on arrival). We invite the residents of every country to inquire with their embassy.

Customs :
For Madagascar, any export of raw precious stones, endemic plants protégés, animals and cultural object are forbidden. They will be seized by customs at the release of the country.
However, it is possible to obtain an official authorization for the export, to this end it is recommended to address the following services : 

  • Lively plants: waterworks and Forests,
  • Vegetables, fruits and dried plant : Plants health services (Tsaralalàna's station or Ivato Airport)
  • Uncut stones : Ministry of Trade, Department price control Ambohidahy.

Tourist Tax 
A tax and a tourist label apply to the price of hotel rooms.


We advise to our customers to consult their regular doctor before the departure so that he prescribes you medicine relative to a preventive disease prevention.  
No vaccine is compulsory, but it is necessary be inoculated against the yellow fever if you have just stayed in Kenya or other country at risk.

It is recommended to bring your first-aid kit and your usual medicine. Slide in your luggage enough sunscreen, a product anti-mosquito, of a treatment of the intestinal disorders, the repulsive product, taking away mosquitoes and possibly from a cream handling the insect bites.

The island undergoes the influence of trade winds and monsoon. There are two seasons: the rainy season (hot season) from November till April and the dry season (fresh season), from May till October.
The country is divided in five climatic zones:
In the North and the northwest, the region receives plentiful annual rains during the monsoon, period which lasts from December till April. The climate is of equatorial type and the temperatures vary 15 ° in 37°C.
On the East coast, from the northeast to the southeast, reigns a very wet equatorial climate and the rectilinear coast is annually explained to trade winds and to cyclones, enters the January and March.
The big western region of Madagascar is less rainy and is characterized by savannas. The temperatures vary 20 ° in 37°C there.
In the middle of the island, the highlands are at a height which varies from 1 200 to 1 500m. The climate maybe likened to a climate of subtropical type with dominant summer rains with average annual temperatures of the order of 20°C. In winters the temperatures can fall under 7 °.
The south extreme of the Big Island is very dry and rains are rare. The thermal amplitude is very high going of 10°C in 40°C. The climate is of subdesert type.


Ariary (MGA or Ar) is the official currency of the country, but in some businesses dealers have a practice or always speak in old currency the FMG which costs 5 times less. 
Thus for an item which is worth 1000 Ar, we can announce you 5000, made specify you always in which currency unit the price is announced to you.

To inform current courts, click here :, but on average the course varies from 3400 to 3600 Ariary (MAG or Ar). Ariary is a "not convertible" currency, it is thus recommended to make of the exchange according to your needs.

Credit Cards
The credit cards are accepted with difficulty except hotels and big businesses. However if you are an owner of a credit card, you can change according to your needs through a bank. The Visa card is the best represented on a national scale.

Traveler's check
To avoid the transport of large sums during the long journeys, you can used the national traveler's checks which can beings exchanged through the national network of the same bank.

The tip is often estimated by the small services, shopping, guarding, restoring services, etc. 5 in 10 % seems a good level of tip.
For guides plan on average 2 Euro / pers and a day
If you travel, always keep small cuts for your daily purchases because people rarely have the "currency" (that can help in bush).


Madagascar has 18 ethnics group such as : Antaifasy,  Antaimoro, Antaisaka, Antakarana, Antambahoaka, Antandroy, Antanosy, Bara, Betsileo, Betsimisaraka, Bezanozano, Mahafaly, Merina, Sakalava, Sihanaka, Tonala, Tsimihety, Zafusiri.

On the highlands, the practice of the cult of the ancestors gives rise to biggest party famadihana, celebrates which takes place between the beginning of June and the end of September.

Circumcision​ and Games
The circumcision or Famorana is also a member of the Malagasy culture, a tradition which wants that every male child is circumcised.
There are sets traditional such as: Katro, Fanorona, katra-tanisa, tso-bato, etc. …

The spoken language by the autochtonous population, is the Malagasy. French is also official language, spoken by 20 % of the Malagasies. English was also the official language between 2007 and 2010. However, the Constitution of November, 2010 mentions the Malagasy (national language) and French as the official languages.

The Malagasy cooking is typically based on the rice, accompanied with one puts that we call up " laoka ". The romazava, a broth perfumed with meat and with brèdes, and the cassava leaves, a stew of pork plotted with crushed leaves of manioc are both dishes very served to Madagascar.
The drink served usually with the dish is the ranonampango (drink of burned rice).

Good to know 

Jet lag  
The hour GMT+3 is : 2 hours early of France in winter and 1 hour in summer.

Day off
1st January, Monday after Easter, Memorial day 1947, 1st May, Ascension, Monday after Pentecost, 26th June, 15th August, 1st November, 25th December.

The Malagasy craftsmen are talented and creative. With all the possible supports such as: the wood and the other vegetables, the ores, the skin and the horn of zebu, fabrics, etc.They can make usually objects, games, musical instruments or even decorative objects with sacred or artistic character. What makes the craft market richest.

To do or No 
By precaution, valuables must be preserved in safes in the hotel. The simplest would be to come to Madagascar with least jewels of possible value. The caution is recommended in urban areas. Avoid making of the exchange in the street or for the airport, there are many swindles.

Call of the foreign countries towards Madagascar: 00 261 then the code of the operator and the number of the correspondent.
Call aimed at foreign countries: compose figures 00 then area code country and correspondent's number.
It is possible to call France in most large hotels of Tananarive which are equipped for that purpose. It should be noted that in the other regions, the telephone links between France and Madagascar are more difficult to obtain.
For the mobile phone if your mobile allows it you can use prepaid cards.

For more informations :

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