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Fixed Starting


13 days/ 12 nights
June: 04 - 16 / September : 03 - 15 / November : 05 -17

Day 01 – Antananarivo - Andasibe

Meeting to Dodo Travel, Waterfront Ambodivona, at 8:00 am, for departure in the direction of Andasibe, crossing big forests of eucalyptus, typical landscape of the highlands with brought down slopes and rice fields at the heart of valleys. Visit of the reserve deprived of Vakona where it is possible to approach lemurs of if near that we can feed them (on the condition of making reserve of bananas) and be photographed with one on his shoulder. Possibility of an (optional) night visit in search of the night lemurs with which eyes shine in trees, as lépilémurs or microcèbes.
Night at hotel Vakona Forest Lodge - BB

Day 02 – Andasibe

Departure to discover on foot (2 at 3 am of walking) the exceptional special Reserve of Analamazaotra where evolves the indri legendary (Indri indri), endemic in this region. It is the biggest lemurs (size of 65 cms and weight around 25 kg) and also most noisy, known for its plaintive shout. Contrary to all the lemurs, it has no tail, having only a stub on the place. The indri is also the unique monogamous species; if one of the spouses manages to die, the other one will remain a widower spending the rest of its life to raise its offspring. This reserve is also the fief of 11 other species of diurnal and night-lemurs, as the fawn lemur (Eulemur fulvus fulvus), the lemur with red stomach (Eulemur rubriventer), the woolly avahi (Avahi laniger), the grey hapalémur (Hapalemur griseus) and the vari lemur or the lemur with mane (Varecia variegata).Enigmatic insects, chameleons, tenrecs and colored birds can be observed during the hike guided in the jungle. The luxuriance of the vegetation will also deliver its wealth endless lianas, pandanus, precious trees such the rosewood, the tree ferns, the lichens, the epiphytic orchids, the healing plants, etc. Free lunch. In the afternoon, take advantage of activities available on the hotel, the ballad on horseback in the forest, the canoe, (in extra).
Night at hotel Vakona Forest Lodge - BB

Day 03 - Andasibe - Akanin'ny Nofy

If you were not able to see the indri indri the day before and if you are an early riser, you will still have the opportunity to discover them before the departure for Manambato, a village at 3 am of Andasibe after the fork of Brickaville situated on the banks of the lake Rasoabe. Later you will make the crossing by boat about 1 hour on a part of the Channel of Pangalanes. Installation in your hotel.
Night at hotel Palmarium - BB

Day 04 - Akanin'ny Nofy

After the breakfast a series of excursions will occupy your day of today, on foot or by boat. To begin with the Reserve deprived of Ansirakalaloty, "Palmarium", sheltering various species of lemurs which already come to greet you on the breakfast, but also with a surprising flora. You will make after the lunch, the visit by boat of a typical village of Betsimisaraka, you can meet them inhabitants in them stain everyday lives. At the end according to noon allocates for the visit of its strange night lemurs of the island to the Cock, Have them - have (optional), an endangered species.
Night at hotel Palmarium - BB

Day 05 - Akanin'ny Nofy – Antananarivo

After the breakfast, allocates by boat towards Manambato on the Channel of Pangalanes (approximately 45 minutes), then taken by the road in the direction of Antananarivo, through rain forests and landscape of rice fields.
Night at hotel Grand Urban - BB

Day 06 – Antananarivo - Antsirabe

After an early breakfast, you will set off to the South, in the direction of Antsirabe. Rulings punctuate this route to appreciate the typical landscapes of the central highlands with their outside rice fields, their forests of eucalyptus, their brick-built high houses in thatched roofs… Stopping place in the small village of Ambatolampy, situated at the foot of the massif of Ankaratra, for the visit of a craft factory of aluminum kitchen utensils. Arrived at Antsirabe installation to the hotel, lunched (under your responsibility). Let tempt you by a stroll in rickshaw to explore this city having preserved beautiful houses Merina and some colonial buildings, of which the hydropathic establishment fitted out at the beginning of the XIXth century on lakesides. Several craft workshops also deserve the visit if the time allows it you.
Night at hotel Couleur Café - BB

Day 07 – Antsirabe - Ranomafana

After the breakfast, you will resume the road towards more known Ambositra under the name of " city of the roses ", the cradle of the Malagasy art, the Mecca of the marquetry, the capital of the wooden sculptures. You will have the opportunity to visit some craft workshops. After the lunch " At the Craftsman " at your expense, you will resume the road towards the country Betsileo, the fork from Ambohimahasoa to reach Ranomafana, the National park which extends over 41 600ha, one more interesting for the discovery of the biodiversity of the east rainforest. Installation at the hotel, and if the time allows it you and if you wish for it, visits of the research center VALBIO, implanted on the site and managed by the American cooperation for the benefit of the local population, which allows you to have a first information on the present species in the park, and the biodiversity to Ranomafana.
Night at hotel Setam Lodge-DBB

Day 08 – Ranomafana - Ambalavao

Visit of the National park Ranomafana. Of a 410 km surface ², it consists of a primary forest of tropical type and of high cliffs overhanging high gorges. Morning of hike (minimum 2 at 3 am of walking) in the discovery of its magnificent landscapes and its luxuriant vegetation established by healing plants, by ' fangeons ' giants (feet of ferns), of epiphytic orchids and, strange fact, of a variety of cactus, Rhipsalis madascariensis, which, contrary to every cactus of the world which like the dry and hostile circles, grows in the humidity and is besides a parasitic plant. We find 110 species of birds there among which endemic 36, hundreds of species of chameleons and frogs among which several are also endemic, as well as 12 species of lemurs among which very rare two, the hapalémur with snub nose (Hapalemur simus) and the gilded hapalémur or the lemur golden bamboo (Hapalemur aureus).Discovered in 1987, the latter has the peculiarity to feed essentially on shoots of an endemic variety of bamboo which contain some cyanide, in daily quantities capable of killing ten human beings! Have lunch at your expense. You will continue then towards Fianarantsoa, capital of the ethnic group Betsileo, its landscape of vines, its red plains … Visit of the old town then continuation towards Ambalavao where you can visit a workshop of paper Antemoro, and a weaving workshop of wild silk.
Night at Hotel La Varangue du Betsileo- BB

Day 09 – Ambalavao - Ranohira (Isalo)

After the breakfast, the visit of the rustic reserve of Anja where live in small colonies cute lemurs catta (Lemur catta), called maki, recognizable in their tail lined from 14 black and white rings. They spend a lot of time on the ground, are not too wild and thus are easily observable. So, that it is even possible to have one on the shoulder. You will continue then further south towards Ranohira, through the magnificent Tray of Horombe, drier and more rocky zone, where you will note the change in temperature. Sunset in the Window of Isalo if the time allows it.
Night at hotel Relais de la Reine - DBB

Day 10 – Ranohira (Isalo)

Day of discovery of the National park of Isalo, the 815 km surface ². Two pedestrian excursions are offered, to choose on the spot.
Choice number 1)The Natural Swimming pool (easy walking of 3 am - 6 km) and Namaza. Caves and spectacular canyons, ripped crests, hooks of white stoneware affected, lunar trays, cliffs necropolises Bara, graves Sakalava are for the program of this magic site, as well as the " natural swimming pool ", the pond in turquoise blue waters fed by a waterfall, inviting in the rest and in the bathing under the curious looks lemurs catta.
Choice number 2)The Canyon of Makis and the Forest of Namaza (approximately 6 am of sports walking), adding waterfall of Nymphs, Blue swimming pool and Black swimming pool (possibility of bathing).
Both excursions are convenient to the observation of birds ( more than 50 species), harmless reptiles and endemic plants (dwarf baobabs, pandanus, pachypodium). Have lunch picnic (at your expense).Discovered by the Window of Isalo if not makes the day before, the natural rocky opening getting a unique prospect to admire the sunset, at the time of the apéritif. Return in the hotel.
Personal effects to plan · Bottles of water and a snack · Produced against insects · Hat and sunscreen (average temperature 28°C can reach 32 35 °) · Walking shoes · Shirt of baths / towels (if you wish you bathe) welcome seen the heat Possibility of various activities from the hotel (swimming pool, massage, pony trekking etc.) for those who do not want to make the walking. 
Night at hotel Relais de la Reine - DBB

Day 11 – Ranohira (Isalo) - Ifaty

After the breakfast, you will resume the road towards the coastal city of Toliara ( Tuléar). Crossing of Ilakaka, village El Dorado of the researchers of sapphires, and the valley of Zombitse-Vohibasia strewed with big baobabs. Continuation through the desert landscapes of the country Mahafaly. Discovered by their surprising graves which, decorated with naive drawings and often with skulls of zebus, evoke the life of the deceased. Free lunch to Tuléar. Tour of orientation of this harbour city and former colonial counter. Visit of the market of shells before continuing towards Ifaty to 30 km of Tuléar by a sandy track… Before arriving at Ifaty, ruling for a guided tour of the Park Reniala and the forest of baobabs. It shelters much more than hundred botanical species of the South of the Big Island, as the pachypodium, as well as three species of baobabs. This eco-tourist reserve is the work of a French-Malagasy association for the local development. Arrived at Ifaty after the visit and the installation in your hotel.
Night at hotel Les Dunes d'Ifaty - DBB

Day 12 – Ifaty

Free day. Several activities will be proposed to you from the hotel: reserve of tortoises, nautical activities, dive.
Night at hotel Les Dunes d'Ifaty - DBB

Day 13 – Ifaty - Antananarivo

According to your schedule of your flight, possibilities of taking advantage of water sports or to visit fishermen's villages, boat etc. to Ifaty, before the departure by the classic, not too bad road for Tuléar. Transfer at the airport for your flight for Antananarivo.

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