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Wednesday 21 Feb 2018
Dance is often used by Malagasy ethnic groups to convey messages through gestures. The Betsimisaraka, a people from the Malagasy coast, for example, dance “zanakorovana” to accompany their typical song “tôkatôka”. “Zanakorovana” is considered a typical traditional dance of the eastern coast of Madagascar. It is accompanied by tôkatôka (rhythmic...
Friday 16 Feb 2018
We organize fixed departures that have been well prepared in advance in order to satisfy and reassure the customers. The circuit "Lemurs and the road of the South" is proposed for this year 2018 and for the year 2019. It is focused on the eastern part, then to the south of the island. Fixed Departures 2018 :  18th March 2018...
Thursday 15 Feb 2018
The “Morinda citrifolia” tree, on which Noni grows, is present throughout the South Pacific but also in some tropical countries such as in Madagascar. This shrub produces a fruit known for its medicinal benefits, the “Noni”. The interest in noni juice lies in its high concentration of proxeronine and proxeronase, two enzymes precursors of...
Wednesday 14 Feb 2018
Traditionally, marriage is concluded when the customary formalities have been completed, such as vodiondry, fandeo, diafotaka or orimbato. Orimbato, literally translated as “built of stone”, is the Malagasy engagement par excellence. The ormbato is the symbolic dowry that the husband and wife must pay before getting married. In the custom of...

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